Episode 1: Ridgeline Farms

Episode 1 of the Humboldt Documentary Series led by Cannadips Co-Founder Case Mandel. Highlighting one of the legends in the cannabis space, Ridgeline Farms and Founder Jason Gellman. 1st Place Awards Winners Back to Back at the Emerald Cup and famous for their Green.

Episode 2: Xotic Flavorz

The Honeydew boy's don't play around and one of the marquee farms and operations down there is that of Xotic Flavorz When it comes to dominating the cannabis space it is all about genetics. Consumers in California want the exotics - which are rare strains and are generally harder to cultivate. Founder Cody King and his partner Trevor Bohn have quite the operation and look to be taking the branded cannabis industry by storm.

Episode 3: Humboldt 36 Farms

It takes perseverance, creativity, and strong morals to survive and thrive in the cannabis game in Humboldt County, CA. Resident badass Jesse Genaro has been doing this since he was a kid. Now Jesse owns one of the best operations in the county and is pumping out high quality light-deprivation cannabis, for some of the best exotics brands in the business.

Episode 4: Dallas Braden

Over the last 150 years there has been only 23 perfect games ever thrown. 27 outs in a row- defying all odds. We sit down with Baseball legend Dallas Braden to talk about that fabled Mother’s Day game as well as the role cannabis has played in his career during and after baseball. Cannabis and Sports has always been a taboo topic to cover and it was an honor to sit down with a True OG like Dallas to uncover how prevalent the plant is in the game.

Episode 5: ArcataX

When it comes to high quality craftsmanship there is no manufacturer in Humboldt County at scale that is regarded as highly as the guys at @ArcataX and their flagship brand @Arcatafire. These guys are mining diamonds on the daily and absolutely dominating the industry based in their relationships with the amazing cultivators in the hills of Humboldt County.

Episode 6: Jacob Golliday & Wes Patterson

Cannadips Co-Founder Case travels to New York and New Jersey to connect with these two legends- best known for hitting 400+ foot bombs on every course they grace while wearing vans and breaking norms. The boys take on the PGA Memes Challenge and talk about how the sport of golf is changing and what they are doing to ensure that the future is bright.

Episode 7: Cloud Hands Farm

There are some seriously gorgeous locations in Humboldt County and the Larabee Valley is one of them. @cloudhandsfarmlife sits on top the hill and oversees the vast beauty of the valley as they cultivate a mix of market favorites coupled with some exciting custom genetics that they are breeding in house. Founder Ryan Zavala has been growing herb in Humboldt County since the early 1990’s- a true OG. Pop Tart Wrappers- True Boss.

Episode 8: Cannacountry Farms

Known for award winning genetics and visit to this farm leaves you completely stunned at the level of innovation that this industry is headed in. Nestled off the road on the way to Shelter Cove you can probably almost see the outdoor trees Ted grows from miles away. There is no doubt that these plants are behemoths and would cause many a jaw to drop or mouth to water.