Representing Humboldt County Tradition

The Cannadips story begins in the mecca of the cannabis movement- Humboldt County, CA.  A land of innovators and outlaws that are the origin of the American cannabis industry which has supplied over 60% of the United States with cannabis for the last 50 years. Cannadips can think of no better region to call home and our proud to stand for the same craftsmanship and badassery that has made the region famous.

Cannabis in Humboldt County began in the 1960’s and 1970’s with the back to the land movement.  After the Vietnam war many people left cities looking for a better life built around utopian values of family and community and less around the rat race going on in the cities.  Land in Humboldt County was very cheap after decades of mass deforestation and thousands of people flocked to Humboldt to jumpstart a new life.  Once in Humboldt farming began and many realized the incredible climate and soil for growing everything- including cannabis.

Once the cannabis from the Hills of Humboldt started making it back to the cities the lore of Humboldt began.  The back to the land movement began cultivating the best cannabis in the world and swiftly the world began to recognize that Humboldt had the best cannabis on Earth.  Swiftly after this the CAMP(Campaign Against Marijuana Planning)  movement began and the years of law enforcement and evasion lifted off.  This became a war on the people and a lust for the plant as the federal government caught wind of the incredible profits that were being reaped by the farmers. 

From hiding in the hills and creating the most amazing strains of cannabis while evading helicopters and convoys the community of Humboldt became resilient.  Redwood Outlaws they were called as they risked freedom for the plant we now get to enjoy across California legally.  The next wave of Humboldt was the Green Rush that came in the mid 1990’s and was a wave of capitalism fueled by the passing of medical cannabis laws across CA.  This created a safeguard against law enforcement and brought people globally to Humboldt County to capitalize on the plant.  Under this guise the county of Humboldt and surrounding counties which make up The Emerald Triangle boomed.  Tons of cannabis were being grown and exported and cash was flowing in- this story which has been blown up in mainstream media and you may remember from theNetflix show “Murder Mountain” paints a picture of Humboldt that only focuses on the dangers of organized crime associated with the green rush.  However many fail to realize how Humboldt was before the mid 1990’s and how for decades this region cultivated and developed cannabis as we know today.

Humboldt County is important to the Cannadips brand because it is the region we call home.  Our investors live here, our facility is built here, and every can is made in Humboldt regardless of being THC or CBD.  Cannadips supports it’s community and you support that community as well by choosing to purchase Cannadips.  We all have a bit of outlaw in us, and this brand and product is a true story that lives the lore and magic of the emerald triangle.