Cannadips THC Launches Arnold Palmer inspired Dip Across CA

ARCATA, California  — Cannadips has changed the fate of the golf course forever.  Innovating once again the Cannadips team has launched a flavor inspired by the globally famous drink the Arnold Palmer.  Dubbed “The Palmer”  this inspired chew tastes of craft black tea mixed with fresh squeezed lemonade.  Sure to be a favorite in golf heavy towns across California, Cannadips saw immediate pre-orders from Palm Springs as the internet was ablaze in excitement over this launch.  “I couldn’t imagine a better Palmie and our following has been eating the content up” says PGA MEMES founder Travis Miller.

This flavor is sure to become a staple of the cannabis collection and will turn consumers deeper into the overall Cannadips brand.  “ This flavor is very special to us.  We have developed it across our THC and CBD platforms and spent over 6 months in development to perfect the perfect pouch.  We want every man on the golf course to have his tin of  “The Palmer” with him as he plays and make Cannadips an addition to his bag.  This is just the start when it comes to exciting new flavor developments and because of our patented coconut fiber base we are able to bring some incredible sensory creations to life. Stay Tuned.” says Co-Founder Case Mandel.